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50 works with local and international artists to produce collections of limited edition clothing and grooming products. Profits from each and every 50 purchase helps fund improvements to kidney disease treatment centres.

Nic Mac Design

Nic Mac Design

Nic Mac is a young illustrator from South West London who’s love of barbershops first brought her in to George’s life. Having quickly struck up a friendship, her hand drawn murals now adorn the walls of George’s barbershops. Each depicting the talented team of barbers from that location. Nic’s work shows a depth and understanding of human character far beyond her years. A key topic of her ongoing zine whereby her subject explores the daily struggles of a life affected by mental illness.

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Adam Frost

Adam Frost

My name is Adam Frost. I’m a full time teaching assistant with pupils with behaviour difficulties. I run a comic book art club to help and support these pupils. Outside of work I’m a commission artist, specialising in comic book, graffiti, skateboard, longboard and portrait art.
I use ink pencil and spray paints to create my work as I feel comfortable with these and feel I get the best results using a mixture of these materials.
I have always been a keen artist and have always loved comic book art as I am a massive comic book fan. I love urban art and seeing what graffiti artist create as there is so much freedom with graffiti. I always like attention to detail with my drawings and portrait art as you can really capture so much detail using pencils

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Paul Don Smith

Paul Don Smith

Paul ‘Don’ Smith is a well-recognised London street artist whose work can be seen across the capital. A Richmond local, he is a long-time friend of George and can regularly be seen updating his murals that adorn the barbershop. Don’s work is impossible to miss – his multi-layer stencil portraits and fluorescent colour palettes pay a unique homage to his pop culture subjects.

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Nicole DeRuyck

Nicole DeRuyck

Nicole DeRuyck was born and raised in Marshall, Minnesota. Attended the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Arts.
The driving force behind her artwork is her endearing interest in the human spirit and the uniqueness of individuality.
Nicole’s expertise is in realistic pastel pencil portraits, but also loves to create abstract art. She has a broad range of knowledge, skills, and mediums. As a true artist, she’s not limited to any one medium.
Nicole is inspired by the works of Edward Hopper, Jackson Pollock, Edgar Degas, and Mary Cassatt.
Nicole currently works and resides minutes outside of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Connie Sutera

Connie Sutera

About myself: Born and raised in Montreal, Canada of Italian/Sicilian origin (parents born in Sicily) married 10yrs and mother of two. Studied Psychology and Human Resources Management and worked in HR for 12 years in multinational corporations. Left my job in 2017 to pursue my life’s passion of being an artist & to find more authenticity around me.
I use my artwork as a platform to help others either by bringing happiness to them by creating their portraits or by donating my paintings to various charities: I’ve supported Breast Cancer research, Crohn’s & Collidis research, Children & adults with special needs, Leukemia & Lymphoma research, Children’s hospitals and many more all via my artwork.
My paintings have sold locally and internationally and I work mostly in graphite and watercolours for my portraits & acrylic and gold leaf for my abstract expressionist pieces. All 22 pieces of my first “Authenticity” collection have either sold or helped raise $ for charities.
I am happy to participate in this project because myself and close family members have been/ are affected by kidney disease.

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Ollie, born and raised in west London, studied graphic design at uni, lover of the arts.
My work is centred around the process of its creation. That’s the part that compels me to do it as the process is where I’m happy. To someone watching this might not be obvious. When I’m working I’m often voicing my frustrations, but in that process I find my element.
A while ago I was on what seemed like an endless search for a decent barber, a search which ended when I met George. I got more than I bargained for with George as not only did I meet a great barber but also someone who actively invests in the people around him. He offered me an opportunity to get creative for a good cause which was personal to him. So often as a jobbing creative you find yourself questioning the part your work is playing, so to believe in the cause your work is intended for feels like a rare luxury.
My materials depend on my mood, which is probably why I so often find myself working with pen, pencil and paper. Their ease of availability means they’re almost always on hand when I feel compelled to start a piece of work.
I’ve most often found my inspiration in the everyday. A moment of significance that’s found in an unremarkable event.

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