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Spring is here, and it’s time to ditch the heavy jackets and jumpers for something lighter. As you start reviving your shorts and t-shirts, you might be tempted to experiment with a new hairstyle over the coming months. We’ve put together some suggestions for stylish and maintainable cuts that will keep you look sharp and on trend as things start warming up.

The short sides/long top look is definitely making its comeback, but it can be an effort to avoid you hair looking flat. To give the front some extra volume, work in a bit of wax or salt spray every morning to help give it some shape and texture. It’s a great way to create a casual look that’s long lasting and will look effortlessly good all day.

If messy isn’t your style, it’s just as a simple to create the timeless slicked back look. Simply comb back your hair while it’s still damp, leave it to dry, and apply a small amount of wax or pomade to hold it in place. It’s sophisticated enough for the office or an evening out, but also pairs well with a casual weekend outfit. Just remember, a little goes a long way when it comes to product, so make sure to use it sparingly to avoid a greasy or over gelled appearance.

To go for a more youthful style, channel your inner 90s singer with a curtains look. This is best suited to hair which has grown out on top, so if you’re finding yours hard to tame, this is a great style to experiment with. Using a fine toothed comb, separate your hair into a middle parting, and slick back the sides with a little pomade. The best way to pull off this style is to keep the back and sides trimmed. If your hair is a little longer all over, a simple middle parting style can be equally effective. Just use salt spray to create a bit more volume, instead of slicking it down.

Got any questions, or looking for some advice? Pop into our shop in Richmond, and one of our professional barbers can help you find the style that’s perfect for you.