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It’s official – 2014 is the year of the beard. You may have seen a rather worrying video which warned that we are near to reaching ‘peak beard’. The theory is that rarer traits (clean shaven or bearded) are more attractive to the other gender, so the more guys with beards, the less rare it gets and therefore the less desirable. We say ignore the scientists – they’re just jealous of your fantastic facial hair! Here are ten terrific ways to embrace your beard this year:

Designer Beards

Clean lines and a penchant for good grooming are required to work this look. Every hair must look in place and you’ll probably have to trim parts every day in order to keep your style looking sharp. If you’d like to have a go at this style but need help getting it started or a little bit of beard maintenance, pop in and see us!





Like a Sir

Halfway between the designer and the wild man, these beards are groomed but still have some serious style. We particularly like the beard and moustache combinations and who would say no to an eloquently curled moustache? Absolutely corking!

sir 2


Wild Man

Want to add a bit of ‘grrr’ to your 2014 beard style? Opt for this wild beard look. Basically, the goal is to look like you’ve just stepped out of the woods but still have facial hair which looks amazing (due to some sneaky grooming). Do you think you could work the wild man?

wild man


Barely There

You can still have great facial hair without a big beard. The barely there look is worn well by many celebrities and is a winner for those who may struggle to pull off a full beard. With the barely there look, just keep a few bits and work them!


Pimp my Beard

What better way to accessorize your beard than with a bunch of flowers? You may have seen these floral facial adornments doing the rounds on the internet recently. Here are a couple of our favourites:

flower 2