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Social calendar already filling up for Christmas 2014? With fun and festivities in the air, why not surprise your friends by breaking out some new hair styles? We take a look at the hottest hairstyle trends for winter 2014 and tell you how to pull them off with ease and get the right look for the occasion. Get ready to party!

Best for black tie

Styling your hair for the occasion is a great thing to do. A messy bed head style look doesn’t complement a tuxedo in the same way that a high shine, slick style will. Channel your inner James Bond this Christmas with a classic side parting or experiment with volume and a side swept quiff.

The method:

This style can be easier to achieve with wet hair. Begin by combing your hair to its natural fall, slicking it down as you do so. Then, using a comb, find your parting and then slick down the sides. As you are combing, figure out whether your hair works best lying 90 degrees to the parting or slightly slicked back.


Sophisticatedly smooth

Not quite as all out smart as a side parting, but this look could definitely be worn with a suit. This style has no parting and you simply slick everything back.

The method:

Use a matt or a shiny product such as hair mud or wax and work it through damp hair. Then comb it all back for a smooth and polished finish. For a rougher look, run your fingers backwards through your hair to create a few breaks.


Rough around the edges

Need a look for a more casual occasion? You can’t go wrong with a great dishevelled style. No matter your hair type, as long as you have enough length, this look will do wonders for you.

The method:

Spray some sea salt spray through your hair when wet and then dry using a diffuser attachment. Twist bunches of your hair through your fingertips and tease them to stand naturally higher. Repeat this but this time pull the hair backwards on the sides of your head and downwards at the back.  When your hair is dry it may look a little frizzy so fix it with some spray wax. To finish off, use your flat palms to flick over your hair and you’ll have the ideal texture.


Trying out one of the looks from this blog? Send us a snapshot of the finished style!