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These men have really pushed the limits of what facial hair can do! With Movember just around the corner, we thought we’d share these eight unbelievably artistic facial hair styles. Which facial hair style will you be rocking this Movember?


This man has money on his mind, or rather: his chin. If anyone’s willing to have a go at this one with the pound sign, we’d love to see it.



Be a superhero all the time with this superman themed facial hair style. We love the design skill, but it does make a secret identity rather obvious.



On the subject of heroes, this Batman ‘stache looks sharp and is probably also be easier to achieve than many of the other facial hair looks. Who doesn’t want to walk around with facial hair that says ‘I’m the Batman’?


A beard that goes on for infinity? Okay, we’ve definitely just included this one for laughs but if you’re looking to raise money for charity, the circle beard look could bring in the donations!



This guy knows where it’s at. Take your facial hair into the digital age with this universally recognised symbol.


It’s enough to make your eyes go funny! This spiral beard creates an intriguing effect.  We’re impressed by the amount of patience it must have taken to shave this design.


Speaking of patience, this man’s beard is something else! If you’ve got the length you can achieve all kinds of things – even windmills apparently.


This facial hair design says it all. In fact, nothing else says beard quite like a beard, beard. Was that too many beards?


Are you taking part in Movember?

Are you taking part in Movember this year? Don’t forget, in order to do it properly you should be clean shaven at the start. Why not start Movember with a relaxing wet shave experience at Richmond Barbers?