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We’ve always got time for some hair based Christmas cheer and this year several beautifully-bearded men have gone to town with some fabulous, festive facial hair accessories. Prepare to be taken away to a whiskery, winter wonderland that could inspire your very own beard transformation.

Beard Baubles

If you’ve been keeping your eye on what’s trending on social media sites, you may have already been treated to this stunning vision of Christmas loveliness. Beard baubles are now officially a thing and you can actually purchase your own set to wear on days when you’re feeling particularly Christmassy. What’s even better, all the proceeds are going to Beardseason which helps raise awareness for the fight against melanoma.

You’d definitely make a statement at the office Christmas work do with a beard full of these beauties!


Festive Fuzz

Artist, Katya Wildman, created these four beautiful beard designs for the festive season.

This gent is channelling the natural nestiness of his beard and has tastefully added a robin accessory. If you want a festive focal point, but aren’t keen on the sparkles, this could be the festive facial hair look for you.


This gentleman is obviously a big fan of Christmas trees and has decorated his beard with all the usual tree trappings. We appreciate the attention to detail with the green beard dye that’s helped him achieve a healthy ‘bushy’ look. Perfect for those of you that like to go all out!


This bearded beauty has focused on the frosty side of the season and has kept it classy with some subtle beard icicles. We think this look is definitely sophisticated enough for that formal dinner you’re attending soon…


Romance is obviously on this gentleman’s mind! We think that the light up mistletoe really takes this look to a whole new level of ‘Christmas’.


Festive Facial Hair D.I.Y.

Thinking of bringing out the beard big guns this Christmas? We think that beards look best when they’re trimmed and well groomed. Before you start creating your very own festive facial hair look, why not pop by our barbershop in Richmond for a tidy up and some beard grooming tips?

Share Your Hair!

If you’re going to be showing the world how fantastic your facial hair looks when it’s been festively decorated, we’d love to admire it too. Share your pictures of beard baubles, mistletoe moustaches, and snow covered sideburns on Facebook or Twitter.