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Curious about the men’s hair trends that are going to be shaping the way 2016 looks? We’ve got the lowdown on the hottest looks for this year. Short sides, long tops, fades, pompadours, and tons of texture on top, are all a part of the 2016 style bible.

Are you thinking of changing your style this year? Have a look below at our style suggestions and if you see one you love, why not bring it in to Richmond Barbers and let us give you a haircut that will shape your year!

  1. Fades

Fades can look amazing when done well! A lot of celebrities are wearing this look right now and it works for a wide variety of hair types and styles. If you’d like to give this look a try, but don’t want it to be too extreme, that’s fine! A fade can be a subtle thing too.



  1. Pompadour

This is a great look if you love having hair that stands out from the crowd. Achieving the perfect pompadour takes a bit of maintenance and some good products, but we’re sure you could master it! This cut looks smart and stylish for every occasion.


  1. Short sides, long top

If the idea of a fade is a bit too brutal, then this is your look. Having shorter sides with a longer top is a great way to add variety to your hair without doing anything too extreme. How much longer you want the top to be is entirely up to you!

short side

  1. Partings

2016 is all about that perfect straight, side parting. This man has had it done to the extreme! Lines are great for adding drama to a look, or if you’re simply sticking with a side parting, it brings a classic vibe to a cut.


  1. Textured top

A textured top is a great choice for all hair types. It adds volume and can be brilliant with wavy, straight, or curly hair. The way you wear it is down to you! Having longer hair on top is a great opportunity to experiment with different styles and products. If you’re short on inspiration, just ask one of our barbers!


Did you love or hate these looks?

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