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Let’s face it – you’re probably bored of walking into the barbers and asking for ‘the usual’. The year is still young, so why not make a change for 2015 by shaking up your hair style? We’ve got five fantastic, and a little crazy, ideas for you to transform yourself with.

  1. Let it grow, let it grow!

Trying out a longer style is a great way to refresh your look. Pick your long hair spirit animal – a guy whose long hair you love – and take a photo with you to the barber. They’ll be able to tell you if you can pull it off. When growing your hair out, don’t forget it will need regular maintenance to stay looking good!

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  1. Give it the chop

Want your look to change fast? Go for a low hassle buzz cut. We advise keeping the top slightly longer than the sides and getting a nice fade going. Getting it done by a professional at the barbers is the best idea as a fade looks terrible botched.


  1. Lighten up

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not dye your hair lighter? It’s a good idea to get this done at a salon, as they’ll use products which are less likely to fry your hair. A lighter look often requires a lot of maintenance as roots show through soon and you may need toner to keep your hair from going brassy.


  1. Come over to the dark side

Want to add a mysterious edge to your look? Going dark could be the answer! We advise you don’t rush out and buy jet black hair dye, unless you want to look like a goth and are ready for the roots. Instead, just go a couple of shades darker than your natural colour, for a slight but striking change.


  1. Experiment with product

Don’t want to risk messing around with your hair too much? Product is the perfect way to shake up your style! Go and shop for some hair clay or gel and get stuck in. The pomade is making a comeback at the moment, so why not slick your hair back and give it a try?


Are you ready to shake up your style?

If you’re feeling uninspired by your current hairstyle, pop by Richmond Barbers for a friendly chat and a cracking new cut. We’re here for your hair!