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Some of the world’s most powerful men have sported a moustache, which we think goes to show that as far as a sign of success goes – the moustache is a definite winner. If you find that looking in the mirror is getting rather boring, a moustache is also a great way to make a dramatic change to your look.

  1. Having a moustache means you have a free pass to spout moustache trivia all day long

Here are some great ones to get you started:

  • In a standard deck of cards, the King of Hearts is the only king without a manly moustache.
  • The oldest ever artefact with a moustache on it is from 300BC.


  1. The moustache maketh the man

Many successful men throughout history have sported facial hair that has then gone on to become synonymous with their name. Examples of these include Salvador Dali’s quirky moustache, Hulk Hogan’s blonde handlebar, and Hitler’s toothbrush moustache. One day your personal moustache style could be the way people remember you – so choose wisely!


  1. It is a useful tool in day to day life

How can a moustache help you in daily life you ask? Well…

Have you ever found yourself frustrated when you try and drink soup but don’t want to drink the lumps? A moustache acts as an excellent strainer! Another great use for the moustache is to catch the foam on the top of a cappuccino so you can get to the coffee. We bet you didn’t know moustaches were so useful and practical.


  1. A moustache is always a source of joy and amusement

Chin puppet anyone? A fantastic use of your moustache is to draw a character’s face onto your chin and then pretend that your moustache is your puppet’s beard. Take photographs or video and flip them upside down for a great effect and hours of moustache fun.


Thinking of giving the moustache a go?

If you’d like to trade in your trendy beard for a more edgy moustache or are thinking about giving facial hair a go, pop by Richmond Barbers and we’ll help you with trimming, style advice and aftercare tips, that will keep your manly moustache in great shape! When your ‘tache time is at an end, we’re also here to offer a traditional wet shave that will leave your face feeling incredibly smooth.