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Got a great hairstyle but want to mix your look up a bit? We’re sharing hair styling secrets you can use to give your hair a new lease of life so you’ll have rocking hair for every occasion. Hair we go…

First things first

Work out what type of hair you have.  Short sides and a longer top is currently one of the most popular styles around.  Think about what your hair naturally does and you’ll be able to work out hairstyles to suit it. For example, straight hair works well spiked up whereas you’ll struggle to achieve the shape you want with curly hair.

The styling product shortlist

Most great hairstyles are achieved using products. When you’re still experimenting, buy less expensive brands just to test them out. We’ve put together a list of hair products and the kind of looks you can achieve with them.

Mousse: Mousse is great for adding volume to hair and achieving that mussed up look. It can also help tame frizzy curls. Best results are achieved when used on wet hair.

Hair wax, pomade, or hair clay: These products are great for moulding hair into hard-to-achieve shapes such as quiffs or curls. Pomade or hair wax will give a shiny wet look whereas hair clay gives a matte finish. Be aware that some of these products can take several washes to get rid of so apply them lightly and avoid product build up.

Gel: Gel contains alcohol which dries the hair out and creates a stiff hold. Gel applied to wet hair has the strongest hold.

Hair glue: The strongest stuff around! For gravity defying styles, this product has the strength you need. Be careful of product build up and wash hair thoroughly after use.

Serums or creams: Great for taming frizz and adding shine to your style without making your hair go stiff.


Avoid a hair horror story

We’re sure you’re all fired up to try out some of our styling suggestions, but it’s always good to pick your moment. If you’re having a go with hair dye, never do it the day before an important event just in case of mishaps. Considering the occasion is a good idea too – a Mohawk may not be the best choice for a formal dinner!

The final touches

Don’t want your hairstyle to droop? A mist of hairspray will keep things in place but be aware that stronger sprays may make your hair look a bit brittle.

Upping your hair game

Time for a change of style? Here at Richmond Barbers, we’re always ready to discuss ideas and help you take your hair style to the next level.