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Back in the 2000s there were a lot of high profile alternative rock stars making the big time and their over the top hairstyles also took over the scene. Were you were guilty of reaching for the hairspray, bleach, black dye, and hair straighteners, or did you loathe the entire thing? Let us know over on social media!

For old times’ sake, here are some of our favourite alternative rock stars and their hairstyles – both then and now. Who do you think has made the best transformation?

  1. AFI’s Davey Havock

The razor cut and makeup are gone. We think this is one of the best style transformations of the bunch!

  1. Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentzppe

Pete’s hair has got shorter and there are a fewer jagged edges. The cheeky blonde highlights show he still has a penchant for drama!

  1. The Killers’ Brandon Flowersbrbrn

Brandon’s hair has always been pretty on point. Not much has changed in terms of cut. The mini-faux hawk has gone to be replaced with a fashionable side part but he looks just as in style as ever. Now, when will there be a new album?

  1. My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Waygger

The heavy eyeliner has disappeared, as has the bleach. Gerard now has dark hair cut in a looser, longer style. We think this is a great style transformation. Stepping away from the bleach will also have improved his hair’s health! 

  1. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrongbbi

The makeup has gone and his trademark dark hair has been bleached and styled in a surfer inspired look. What do you think about this style transformation? 

  1. Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohlgrgro

Dave Grohl seems to be one of those guys who can pull off literally anything. He could dye his hair pink and still look respectable. The longer locks are a great look for the talented multi-instrumentalist.

Are you due a style transformation of your own?

If you’ve been inspired by this blog post to shake up your own hairstyle, come and visit us at Richmond Barbers! Whether you’re after trying something new, or just want the best cut a man can get, we’re ready to talk through your style ideas and deliver the perfect result.