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We love keeping an eye out for the latest facial hair trends and this one is pretty fantastical. Last summer it was all about the hipster flower beard and then at Christmas, the beard bauble trend arrived. Now the current hipster beard trend is to colour your beard. The great news is that anything goes. There are images of rainbow beards, beard with glitter in and ombré fade effects all being uploaded to the internet. We’ve gathered a few of our favourites, just in case you were thinking about giving this trend a go and need some beard-spiration…

We must admit, they’re also quite good if you just fancy a laugh!

Top Tip: The majority of men taking on this trend are using non-permanent methods of dying their beard such as coloured hair spray.


The rise in beard trends is a testament to the rise in popularity of facial hair, and these trends help beard fans to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to their facial foliage.

Some men have gone all the way and opted to match their hair and beard – both in bright colours. We’re impressed by the dedication of those who also match the eyebrows.


Other gents have really gone for it with glitter and full makeup being added to the mix. Have beards ever looked so glamorous?


Would you ever give the brightly coloured beard trend a go? Have you already experienced this trend? We’d love it if you broke out the coloured hairspray and showed us your style by sharing a photo with us on Facebook or Twitter!


The best for beards:

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