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Considering that hair is technically dead, it’s surprising how much work it takes to keep it looking great. It’s not just the hair which requires the attention, your scalp needs TLC too! So how do you combat issues such as breakage, greasiness and product build up? We’ve gathered together some easy to apply top tips that will have your thatch looking fantastic in no time.

How to get rid of product build up:

Using shampoo on dry hair is a great way to get rid of wax. Just apply to dry hair, rinse and then do it all again. This helps to break down the product and will leave your hair clean.

One of the best ways to avoid product build up is the ‘less is more’ approach. A little usually goes a long way in terms of hair care products and using less will help you sport a more natural, less greasy and heavy look. Plus, you’ll have an easier time washing it all out.

The best for a thinning thatch:

Matte products absorb the light and make hair look thicker. Try a matte styling paste or clay to give your hair a helping hand.

After washing your hair, pat it dry rather than rubbing. Over enthusiastic towel technique will cause your hair to break, which is very bad news if you’re thinning on top! Pat it dry to avoid breakage, or if you tend to rub your hair because you’re in a hurry to get it to dry, use a t-shirt rather than a towel as the t-shirt fabric is more absorbent.

If your hair is making a bid for freedom from your scalp, a cropped style is best. Going for shorter sides and a longer top is another way to keep the eye distracted and conceal thinning areas.

Men thinning hair4

How to banish the grease:

Men who struggle with greasy hair should avoid hot water and try not to fiddle with their hair too much when washing it. It may be tempting to try and scrub hair clean, but this will only further activate oil producing sebaceous glands which are causing the grease problems in the first place by being overactive.

What do you think of our tips?

We’d love to hear your feedback on these ideas. Did they work for you? Have you got any hair care secrets you swear by? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Have a great Christmas with healthy hair from all of us at Richmond Barbers. Don’t forget to pop in for a trim before the big day!