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There are some new hair trends on the block for summer 2015, so if you’re bored of your current style, or love to be on trend, you’ll love these new style ideas.

This year’s short style

Sharp looking fades have been in for a while now, but this year toning it down with a little more length is in, giving things a slightly softer look and leaving you with more length to play with as far as styling goes.

If you’d like to stand out a little more, tramlines are making a comeback with the 1990s style revival. Tramlines don’t have to be outrageous and tacky and it’s definitely possible to do this style in a subtle way or in a statement making way, depending on what works for you!

short st

Making waves

Textured looks are also a big part of 2015’s style guide. If you’d like to achieve more movement, a great tip is using salt water spray or a texturising lotion before towel drying hair. For a more structured wave, why not break out a mini heated styler and twist the styler along chunks of hair to create perfect waves.

We think this 2015 hairstyle would look great on the beach!

wavy hair

Go long

Long hair is still making a big come back in 2015! If you’re feeling brave, why not have a go at rocking the long look yourself?  This style is easier for guys whose hair isn’t super thick or unruly as it will take a long time to style and dry.

The biggest issue with long hair is that in-between stage where it’s neither long or short. Persevere and get past it and you’ll soon have fabulous longer locks.

The secret to keeping long hair looking great is to care for it. Go in for regular trims to get rid of split ends and always use conditioner and perhaps even experiment with leave in conditioner to keep it looking its best.

Have you been inspired by any of our hairstyle suggestions?

Pop by Richmond Barbers and bring along some style inspiration shots or alternatively talk to our barbers about what you’d like from your look. We’re ready to create a fantastic new look that will rock your world this summer!