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Wet Shave at Richmond Barbers

The traditional barber shop shave harks back to a bygone era and will leave your face feeling incredibly smooth and you feeling great! The perfect way to ensure you start any day confidently or before a special event such as a party or wedding.

Our wet shave expert, learnt his craft in his family’s barber business and perfected it in the years since. He has carried out thousands of traditional barbers shop shaves since, working in the Middle East and at other barbers in London before joining Richmond Barbers.

The process:

1.  Hot towels are applied to the face. The heat and moisture softens the beard, making it easier to shave.

2. A high quality lather is applied to the beard using a shaving brush. This lifts and softens the hairs and opens the pores of the face and softens the skin.

3. The shave takes place using an open razor. The razor is moved at a low angle to the skin (approximately 30 degrees) with very little pressure to the blade.

4. After the shave, the face is rinsed to remove any traces of lather and to close the pores of the skin.


Here’s what people say about the wet shave at Richmond Barbers:

“I have tried a lot of places for a hot towel wet shave and not been satisfied until now, Thanks guys! Great all round service” – Ali Oscar