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With the beautiful weekend we’ve just had, it can be said that summer is definitely on its way! Summer is also the season when you’re most likely to be hanging out with mates, attending barbecue parties, or sunning it up somewhere on hols. We bet you can’t wait for all of that great stuff, but wouldn’t it be even better if you had an awesome new haircut to suit the epic summer you’re going to have?

Richmond Barbers to the rescue! We’ve got three failsafe haircuts that are guaranteed to shake up your style this summer. Have a read and let us know what you think of these knock-out ‘dos.

  1. Slick style

You’d have to have been blind for the past couple of years to not notice that undercuts are a huge trend right now and this is another take on the cut that’s been taking the world by storm. Instead of letting your hair go wild on top, simply slick it back with a comb and some pomade. This is a really suave addition to the undercut style that looks great worn tight for formal occasions and a little bigger and less tamed for those beach parties.

  1. Long and lovely

Hear us out on this one! Long hair is trending right now with lots of male celebrities giving longer locks a go. With the new season of Game Of Thrones on everyone’s lips, the hairstyles of the show’s characters are equally popular. If you’ve never grown your hair long before, this is also a great experience, as it will help you get to know your mane a lot better.

CANNOT USE UNTIL 12 AM 5/8/2015 *** TV STILL DO NOT PURGE *** Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Pictured: Kit Harington as Jon Snow Photographer: Helen Sloan/ courtesy HBO

  1. Edgy, high and tight

If you’re looking for a style that’s low maintenance but still packs plenty of punch, this great take on a military style haircut could be your ticket. This look has its similarities to the undercut in that it has short sides, but instead of leaving the top long, it’s cut short too. This haircut always looks sharp and you can wake up every morning, knowing that you already look great.


Are you souping up your style for the summer?

Visit us at Richmond Barbers and we’ll give you a cut that will keep you on trend all summer. Whether you’d like something edgy and short, or need advice on how to maintain a longer style, we’re ready to listen to you and help you to achieve all of your hair dreams. Pay us a visit in Richmond today!