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Ever wondered about all the hair trends which have led up to the popular styles we know and love today? In our hairy history of men’s hairstyles, we take a look at some of the strangest styles from history. Would you dare to wear any of these looks? Halloween is just around the corner so that could be your perfect opportunity!

In the 1600s, long wigs were all the rage and were considered a sign of status in France.


In the 1700s, powdered wigs were the trend. We can’t ever see this style coming back into fashion!


In the 1800s, Charles Dickens was noted for his comb over. This is one style that still (unfortunately) seems to be around.


The 1920s were all about slick and sharp style. Rudolph Valentino was a prime example of this with his neat side parting.


Elvis Presley made the quiff/pompadour the must-have bad boy hairstyle of the 50s. This style is currently back in fashion.


The 60s were dominated by the style of The Beatles. Neat fringes and tidy shag hairstyles all round!


The 70s saw Bob Marley bringing dreadlocks into the mainstream and they still retain popularity to this day.



We should probably leave this 80s hairstyle out of this, but what history of men’s hairstyles would be complete without a mullet? The 80s also saw punk hairstyles, such as the Mohawk, come into fashion.


In the 90s, Kurt Cobain’s central parted, long, straight hair was ‘the’ haircut for everyone starting a band in their garage.


David Beckham kept the Mohawk alive in the 00s with his fauxhawk. This look is great for those who want an edgy haircut without having to commit to shaving their heads.


The 00s also saw the emo look come into fashion and many men ventured into the world of hair dye with jet black hair and razor cut fringes.


Have you been inspired by any of these haircuts or do you think they’re all best left in the past? Drop Richmond Barbers a message on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think!