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Will 2015 be your best hair year yet? We certainly hope so! If looking great is high on your to do list for 2015, just follow our five good hair resolutions and you’ll be onto a winner. Don’t forget, if you ever have a hair care question, we’re always happy to do what we can to solve it.

Get it trimmed regularly

It may sound obvious, but the secret to having healthy hair is to have regular trims, even if you’re trying to grow it longer. Regular trims get rid of split ends and damaged hairs, which in turn encourages thick and healthy growth. It’s also a great excuse to get down to your local barbers and enjoy a good bit of banter!

Take some style time

Do you have a tendency to just wash and go without considering what your hair is doing? While really short styles can get away with this, anyone with slightly more length should consider experimenting with some styling products. If you’re not sure what works best for you, try the cheaper brands of hair wax, mud, gel and others and have a play around.

Invest in good hair products

If you’ve been using the same product for years, why not have a look around and see if there’s a higher quality brand out there? Investing in good quality shampoos, conditioner and other hair care products can make a big difference to your hair’s health and appearance.

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Change things up a bit

Do you tend to have a style and stick with it through thick and thin? While this is a great way of looking good if you’re confident with that hairstyle, it can also be fun to change things up a bit. If you’re going to a party or a formal event, or even just going to work, try out some different styles and see the effect it has. It’s great to break out of a rut and surprise people!

New year – new you

On the subject of breaking out of a rut, there really is no better way to do it than by changing your hairstyle. Why not have a look at some of our other blog posts for hair inspiration and then pop by Richmond Barbers to kick off the new you with a fantastic new haircut? We’re ready to listen to what it is you’d like to achieve with your hair and offer advice on what will look best.