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If you’re baffled by the current hairstyle trends that teenagers and those in their early twenties are currently sporting, you’ve come to the right article. The latest hair fashions are not for everyone, and for those with an eye for a more mature style, there are better cuts to show off your locks. While following fashion may not be your goal, it’s still very possible to radically change your style and find a look that really suits you and your hair.

Long Hair

If you’ve got the follicles for it, long hair can look rather impressive on an older man! Style icons for this look include James May and Billy Connolly. To make this look work, go for a textured cut by getting layers and shaping cut in.


Side Parting

Some looks are hard to go wrong with! Looking to the 1940s for hair inspiration is a favourite of many older male style icons, including George Clooney and David Beckham. A slick side parting can easily be dressed up with a suit, or look casual in day to day life.


Textured Hair

If you’re fortunate enough to have a full head of thick hair, you can definitely afford to walk on the wild side a little more! Consider getting a Billy Idol style, textured cut that can be spiked up with hair gel when you’re out having fun, but combed back for business and more formal events.


Close Cropped

It should go without saying that a comb over is a big sin. If hair is thinning out, a close crop, with shorter sides and a longer top can boost the look of hair. If follicles are really starting to fail, an all over crop can also look great. Bruce Willis is a great style icon to take inspiration from.

Trying to find the right cut?

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