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It’s festival season again and we can’t wait to experience some exceptional music. We all look forward to seeing our favourite bands, feeling part of something big, having a few drinks and (hopefully) enjoying an unusually sunny British Summertime! However, there is a downside to festivals. At the end of a long day, regardless of what the weather did, everyone starts to look a bit rough around the edges. With that in mind, we’ve come up with three foolproof ideas (and one fanciful one that we just liked) that will hold fast and look good all day and all night long.

Bring on the festivals!

  1. Thoroughly Modern Grunge

This look is a great low maintenance style. Your hair should look loose and careless and be reminiscent of Kurt Cobain but with the modern twist of added volume. Apply some strong hold gel to your hair while damp and then blow dry in for a great hold. Backcomb your roots, starting at the front and then working backwards. Using a brush, push your hair back and over to one side before finishing off with some matte clay for a more natural look.

fest 2

  1. Vintage Throwback

This look is perfect for men with shorter hair. A hairstyle plucked from the era when rock and roll was born is a great style to wear to a festival. The secret to this style is to keep hair long on top, short on the sides and then style the top using gel for shape and then wax to bring a modern texture back to your hair style.

fest 1

  1. Frontman Rocker

This style can be worked with hair that’s a few inches long, but a slightly longer cut will help this to look especially good. Apply some curls/waves mouse to wet/damp hair using your hands to scrunch it through. Brush hair backwards off your face for a backswept look. Wait until dry and then add a little hair putty for long lasting hold and a messy look.

fest 3

  1. Festival Flower Power

In case you hadn’t already guessed, this style is the potentially impractical one. Unlike the other styles, it’ll probably only last for an hour unless you miraculously have a water supply in your beard that stops the flowers from wilting. These days, we wouldn’t be too surprised if someone actually managed to grow a plant in their beard.

While this look won’t stick around, we love the way it captures the festival spirit. Who says that flowers in hair is just for the ladies?

fest 4

Want to get your hair festival ready?

Drop by Richmond Barbers with your style ideas and we’ll have you looking festival ready in no time. Our experienced barbers are ready to listen to you and give you an excellent hair cut that will hold up to any festival crowd!