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Do you remember when styling products were limited to hairspray, gel, and if you were really feeling fancy, hair mousse? Times have changed a lot since then and there are more hair products on the market than ever before. This is great news if you’d like to push the boundaries of your hairstyle and experiment with some new ideas.

We’re here to help you minimise the time you spend figuring out which products will work for you and maximise the time you spend looking awesome. Read on and discover how to pick the right products for your hair!

What’s Your Type?

In order to achieve a great look, it’s important to know your hair type so you can pick a style and products accordingly.

Using the wrong product can even be damaging to your hair, so you need to have a good idea of your hair type. For example, using a super strong hold product on very fine hair will weigh it down and may even cause breakage.

hair types

Hair Product Code Revealed!

Hold = Strength. This will tell you how strong the hold is.

Texture = Will affect the layering of your hair and create a multi dimensional look.

Wet/Shine = Hair will look wet/shiny.

Matte = More of a natural look without the high shine.

Pliability = How easy it is to restyle after application.

What Do I Need To Look Awesome?


Mousse is a great way to add volume to thinner hair. Alternatively, it can be used to amp up the volume on thicker hair.


Pomade is a classic product that’s making a comeback. True pomade is a blend of wax and oil that gives hair a wet or shiny look. Pomade can achieve the same look as gel without drying out and flaking.


Gel is great for achieving strong wet look holds.


Wax is similar to pomade but doesn’t yield that super shiny look. Wax is probably the best product for hold.

Matte products

Use matte products to achieve that ‘just rolled out of bed’ messy look.


Hairspray is great for keeping everything in place when you’ve styled it.

Need a new look to play with?

Take a stroll through Richmond and visit Richmond Barbers for a fantastic new hair cut. Whether you’ve got something in mind, or would like us to suggest what we think would work best for you and your hair, we’re here to give you an amazing haircut experience.