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Halloween is here and if you haven’t already sorted your outfit, there’s still time for a Halloween transformation. Just get your hair in on the action! We’ve got five spook-tacular Halloween hair ideas for men that are guaranteed to blow your brains and will have those Jack O’ Lanterns turning their heads.

  1. Spider

There are a couple of ways to make this one work. You could have it shaved in, although that might not go down well at work next week after Halloween is over! A simpler way to achieve this effect can be attained through the use of a stencil and spray on, wash out, hair colour. Why not top off the look by wearing a soft toy spider as a hat?



  1. Pumpkin Head

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes and we’re betting your head will look great sprayed orange with a black mouth and eyes on the back of it! This look can be achieved easily with orange hair spray and black hair spray over stencils for the mouth and eyes.


  1. Scary Lizard

This is another one that would look great but is probably only suitable if you’re planning on shaving your hair off straight afterwards! We think you could also achieve something similar to this look with artistic application of coloured hair spray and a decent fauxhawk.


  1. Devil Horns

Simply apply gel and tease your hair into twin peaks, flattening the rest. Extra points for spraying it red or singing ‘Firestarter’!



  1. Dracula

This style is great for gents with slightly longer hair. Use gel to slick your hair back and if you’re really getting into the spirit of things, spray it black and draw on a dashing widow’s peak. Perfectly horrifying!


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