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Do you like to have hair that looks it’s straight out of a magazine? Or perhaps your current look doesn’t fill you with excitement anymore? Whatever your reason, these five hairstyles are some of the most popular current looks. Don’t forget, we’re always happy to look at pictures you bring in for hair inspiration and will help you to decide which cut is best for you.

  1. Skin Fade

This haircut is very popular and very fashionable. The short sides, where the hair pretty much disappears into the hairline, is called a skin fade. How high the fade goes is up to you and your stylist. Long face shapes shouldn’t have the fade going too high as it will accentuate face length. Applying a bit of colour up top is a great way to stand out this season but subtlety is key!

skin fade

  1. The Undercut

This hairstyle has short sides but a long top. A lot of length on top can be hard to get used to and if you’d like this hairstyle, you’ll have to be willing to spend time styling it every day. This is a great edgy look for this season.


  1. Blunt Cut

This style suits many hair types and face shapes.  The sides are clippered and the top is also clipped to create s solid-looking chunky effect. A longer front and shorter back is required for this hairstyle to work. You can also use this cut as a great way to work a quiff or pompadour.


  1. Short Back and Sides

This is a versatile and modern haircut which can be styled many different ways. The clipping on the sides can be extreme or gradual to suit your preference. The key to this look is having great textured on top.

short back

  1. Contrast Weight Line

This look is very edgy and very now. If you’re really looking to mix it up, this could be the cut for you! This cut is great for men with wavy or unruly hair as it plays up the natural movement and has enough weight on top to keep it under control. We’re big fans of the slick, side parting!


Amp up your style

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