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It’s festival season so it’s time to dig out your wellies and anorak, and also the perfect time to switch up your hairstyle. If dyeing your hair has ever sparked your curiosity, then there’s no better time than the summer months to show off your creativity and try out a new look. We’ve put together a couple of ideas to get you started.

The sun-bleached look:

Britain may not be the hottest of places, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t trick your friends into thinking you’ve spend a few days soaking up the sun abroad. Some subtle highlights through the front of your hair create the perfect youthful mix of contrasting tones, and gives the impression you’ve been hanging out on the beach, even if you’re stuck in the office this summer.

The pastel look:

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous about colour, a soft pastel tone is the perfect summer-y look to aim for. A sleek silver or muted purple colour is ideal for a floral theme, and looks perfect coupled with any festival outfit. This look is best achieved on lighter hair colours, so you will need to bleach your hair beforehand. This may be a timely process, but with the expertise of your barber will achieve some flawless results. You’ll be sure to stand out at any occasion.

The colourful look:

If you’re really experimental, considering a bright colour such as blue or red is the perfect complement to your summer wardrobe. This can look great on hairstyles which are longer on top, particularly if you consider leaving the shaved sides their natural colour. Again, bleaching your hair first is vital to ensuring the colour stands out, so speak to your barber about helping you achieve the best results.

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