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Profiling your hair type is a must for any man. When you know which category your mane falls into, you’ll be able to pick a style that really suits your hair and use your type to its full advantage. Simply scroll down, find the type which best describes your hair and make a note of the styles you can rock and the styles which will flop.


ID: Straight hair is hair which grows straight without curving – pretty self explanatory and easy to identify!

Hairstyles you can rock: Straight hair looks great for a lot of styles. If you’re into the Justin Bieber style flicky fringe, or Brad Pitt’s mussed look, you’ll have no trouble pulling it off.

Hairstyles that will flop: Anything which needs volume in order to work will be time consuming to pull off. It will be possible using hair spray, blow drying your hair and adding product to help build volume, but it’s definitely a lot of effort!


ID:  In order to figure out if your hair is wavy or straight, you should try and grow it to at least three inches long. Wavy hair doesn’t hang straight down, but instead has a curve.

Hairstyles you can rock: Wavy hair is great for a guy to have as there are so many hairstyles which will look good. It’s easy to style, like straight hair, but has more volume, so you can pull off more messy looks with ease.

Hairstyles that will flop: You can pull off most looks with this type of hair, although the result will look different if you’re trying to emulate a straight style.



ID: Coiled hair is hair that is in a corkscrew and is curly. These corkscrew shapes differentiate coiled from wavy. If long hair isn’t your thing, very short styles look good and are easier to maintain.

Hairstyles you can rock: Curly hair is quite a rare thing to have so it can be a great idea to grow it out and really show it off.

Hairstyles that will flop: While curly hair can look fantastic, it requires a decent amount of styling in order to work well. Don’t try and comb it as it will go frizzy, but instead use fingers to get rid of tangles.


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