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Ready for a New Year and a new you? We’ve been keeping an eye out for the latest hair trends which are set to make waves in 2015. Have a read of the hotlist of hairstyles we’ve put together and let us know which of these styles you’ll be experimenting with in the New Year.

Side parting

A side parting is a classic for a reason. In 2015, an extreme side parting is a great way to create the edginess of an undercut without having to shave the sides of your hair.

Top tip: Try a side parting on both sides. One may look noticeably better depending on whether your hair has a ‘good side’. Sometimes hair can be stubborn, but a little bit of product will help it to adjust!


Long hair

While it’s still not a big time mainstream look, long hair is definitely a trend on the rise. The popularity of the man bun, which replaced some rather dodgy ponytails, may have a lot to do with this.

Top tip: When your hair is longer, it’s a good idea to come in for regular trims to keep it healthy, strong and looking great.



Gelled styles have been seen on the catwalks recently. We think it’s about time the wet look came back into fashion!

Top tip: Dampen hair and part your hair the way you like. Then, work in the gel with a comb and create your gelled style. Slicking hair forwards onto the face is currently on trend.

Männerfrisuren-Trends 2015: Gel-Frisuren

Messy and tousled

This is a rebellious reaction to the neat, side parted and slicked down styles. If you’re not a fan of those, this hairstyle could be perfect for you. Messy, tousled hairstyles work great with an undercut. Let the top run wild or use a bit of product to add some more texture to your messy look. This is a style that will work well with any hair type.


Is 2015 going to be your best hair year yet?  

If you’re thinking about changing your look to coincide with the New Year, we’re ready to help you get the style you want. Visit us in Richmond for a fantastic hair cut and a friendly welcome.