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A moustache can be a focal point of the face. It can define you as a man. Throughout history, this facial feature has adorned the upper lips of both villains and heroes. While it has experienced both booms and ebbs in popularity, we think that after reading this hairy history, you’ll agree when we say that the moustache is a real must-have.


The first moustache

The first known documentation of a moustache was in 300 BC. A Pazyrik painting of a man on a horse with a partially shaved head and a cracking moustache has been dated to this time. Of course, moustaches were certainly around before this trend setting fellow made his appearance, but this is the first time it was painted.

Dictators and devious deeds

The moustache will forever be associated with the villains and dictators of the past. You can’t write an article about the history of the moustache without mentioning Hitler’s upper lip hair. The style he wore remains a facial hair taboo to this day. Stalin also sported a rather magnificent moustache. Perhaps it is because of this association that many villains on screen have moustaches.

Acceptable in the eighties

From the seventies to the early eighties, the moustache saw a resurgence in popularity. The trend started with big and bushy moustaches that seemed to symbolise rugged manliness. These moustaches were often favoured by those in the uniformed services such as the police, fire service and the armed forces. Later, the trend was heavily influenced by American kung fu gangster and mafia films which meant that pencil-thin Italian moustaches and big, droopy Fu Manchu styles came into play. Would you dare to wear one of these iconic styles today?

fu manchu

Movember and the moustache revival

After the early eighties, the moustache largely dropped out of favour and it is only in recent years that it has made its comeback. Many attribute the rise in popularity to the charitable event of Movember, where men stop shaving for a month and are sponsored for charity. Movember champions will often experiment with moustache and beard styling and obviously some have stuck with their new upper lip hair as moustaches are now a trendy fashion statement!

Moustache maintenance

Are you currently the proud owner of a magnificent moustache? Here at Richmond Barbers, we’re always ready to help you keep your facial hair looking its best and offer trims, styling, and upkeep advice. Why not pop by for a visit when you’re next in Richmond?