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If you’re already the proud wearer of a brilliant beard, you probably don’t need this article. However, if you’re considering growing some manly facial hair or simply need to reaffirm how awesome beards are, read on! You can even stroke your beard knowledgeably while reading seven reasons bearded men are better.

Better at what, you say? Everything!


  1. Beards can transform you into something more

Just take a look at these fantastic before and after shots. Beards have turned men from past their prime actors into Oscar winners and from a nerd into a hunky hero.

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  1. Beards are more attractive as proven by science

According to a highly important study conducted by the University of New South Wales, the optimum level of beardiness attractiveness was found to be around ten days’ stubble growth.


  1. For many careers, beards are a necessity

While we can’t vouch for this statistic being entirely backed up by fact, there’s no doubt that come careers – usually the totally badass ones – practically require a beard for you to do the job. Now would you rather be rich and clean shaven or bearded and way more awesome?


  1. Throughout history, beards have been a symbol of prestige

Swearing by your beard? We think this is a trend that should make a comeback!


  1. You can kiss goodbye to the tedious task of shaving

Let’s face it – shaving isn’t the most enjoyable task of the day and it always seems to take so long. Having a beard means no shaving! However, we do recommend regular trims to keep it looking beard-ilicious.


  1. It is a known fact that beards enchant women

Does this fact sound like it was definitely made up by someone with a beard? Maybe.


  1. If it’s big enough, you can sell the advertising space

No really, this is a thing now. There is a website and everything! If you’re interested in the concept of beard advertising, you can check it out here:  http://beardvertising.com/


So, have you been persuaded to let your stubble run rampant and grow a beard? Don’t forget, if your facial hair needs fixing up, we’re here for trims and help with beard maintenance at Richmond Barbers.