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We all love to grab some popcorn and chill out in front of a great film, but have you ever been so distracted by a character’s hair that you struggle to focus on the plot? We’ve rounded up six of the all-time worst male movie haircuts ever. Can you think of some worse hair from film history? Let us know!

6.  Robert Langdon – The Da Vinci Code

Tom Hanks usually keeps his hair short, and for a good reason.  After looking at his character, Hanks decided that long-ish, greasy hair which flopped around all over the place was the way to go. Allegedly, Hanks actually spent a lot of time discussing his hair with stylists, even considering a wig to create the perfect embodiment of a mid-life crisis.

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5. Irving Rosenfeld – American Hustle

Christian Bale is known for giving every acting role his all and his role in American Hustle is no different. Sporting an elaborate comb-over, Irving Rosenfield’s hair steals the show in this film.

mov 4

4. Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne – Dumb and Dumber

Bad haircuts just further add to this comedy. Harry’s messy mop is memorable, but it is Jim Carrey’s hair as Lloyd Christmas which steals the show. Usually considered an ill-advised haircut given to children, the most horrendous bowl cut we’ve ever seen adds to Lloyd Christmas’s goofy and idiotic appearance. We can’t wait to see the hair again in the sequel!

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3. Jacob Black – Twilight

There are many unintentionally funny moment during the Twilight films but Jacob’s Black hair is a main offender. It was only when he chopped the hair that he suddenly turned into a competitor for vampire, Edward Cullen.

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2. Ruby Rhod – The Fifth Element

Actor, Christ Tucker, seems hell bent on outdoing his ludicrous leopard print clothes with Ruby Rhod’s unforgettable hair. Amazingly the hair wins the battle and you really can’t take your eyes of what looks like a giant blonde loofah glued to his head like a horn.

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1. Nicolas Cage in basically all of his films

We all love a Nic Cage film, but he’s had terrible hair in the vast majority of them.  Even in the classic, Con Air, his receding straggly locks are rather unflattering.  If you’d like more proof, take a look on IMDB. We’d love to know which film you think was his worst in terms of hair.

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