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What do you remember most about the nineties? The fantastic children’s TV shows, the horrific boy bands, or the memorable male haircuts that were going on during that decade? We’ve collected some of the most amusing and most memorable cuts from the nineties to share with you. We’d love to know – were you sporting one of these looks during that decade? As always, we’d love to see any photos you have!

The Bowl Cut

This is a look we’re fine leaving in the nineties. Favourite of pop teen stars everywhere!


The Middle Parting

We’re not sure who was to blame for this trend and sometimes it was made even more nineties when you middle parted your bowl cut – double trouble. Can you get more nineties than this look?


Super Spiky Gelled

Do you remember when your one goal in life was to make your hair stand up on end? We think this is a look that will be making a comeback this year, albeit in a less electrocuted way.


Frosted Tips

This was the cherry on top of the super spiky gelled look. Getting your tips dipped in bleach was the ultimate fashion statement!


Super Slick Gelled

The nineties were a decade where hair gel was the must have hair styling product. This wet look gel style is also set to make a comeback this year.


Grunge Rock

With Nirvana having a hit with Smells Like Teen Spirit in 1991, those bedhead, grunge rock locks were all the rage. We think this style still looks great on the rockers out there!


Romance Cover Mane

The extravagant curling locks just scream Hollywood, but we think this is a tricky look to pull off!


Stacked and Flat Top

Do you think this look should make a comeback or remain in the nineties? We think Will Smith in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air pulled it off best.


Corn Rows

Another nineties classic do… that should probably stay in the nineties or as ‘holiday hair’.


Tramlines and other shaved ‘it was cool at the time’ designs

Sometimes shaved designs can be real works of art, but then again, sometimes they really aren’t. This is another hit or miss style!


We think some of these styles should stay put in the nineties, but others could be making a comeback! Which nineties hairstyle was your favourite?