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It’s 2017, and we’re no stranger to the words “man-bun”. It’s the trend which swept the internet, along with hipster glasses and flowered beards. If you’re looking to give it a go, we’ve chosen two popular styles to give you a little inspiration…

The Full Man Bun
This look is a simple way of taming long hair, so if you’ve been growing yours out, it’s a great style to perfect. Simply use your hands to scrape back your hair towards the crown of your head, and gently twist it into a loose knot, also making sure to scoop up hair from the nape of your neck. Be sure that you secure your bun with a fabric covered hair-tie rather than an elastic band. Elastic can wreck havoc on your hair and can be tricky to get out, so it’s worth investing in a pack of hair ties if this is
going to be your regular style.

The Half Man Bun
If you’re not committed to the long hair look, but you’re keen to try out a trend, the half bun is for you. This look requires a little more care and styling, but will look sleek and stylish when pulled off well. If you have hair which is longer on top, use a comb to separate this section from the rest of your hair, and draw it back towards the crown of your head. This style looks particularly good if you keep the back and sides of your hair cropped short.

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