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Using disposable razors may seem like a convenient way to shave, but there are many reasons why a traditional wet shave is still the best a man can get. We also think popping by our barbershop for a wet shave experience from the pros is a great way to enjoy a different world of shaving. But even when you’re at home, a wet shave is your facial hair’s best friend. Here’s why:


Wet shaving is environmentally friendly

Constantly buying and throwing away disposable razors is not great for the planet. It’s also not great for your wallet! Investing in a good quality double edged safety razor will save you money in the long run and the blade is also easy to recycle when you need a new one. You could also experiment with a cutthroat razor which has even less waste!

It’s the manliest thing you can ever do

What kind of man do you want to be? One that uses disposable razors and gets the process over and done with as soon as possible, or a man who cares about his appearance and takes the time to lather up and leaves the house with a silky smooth face? Plus, being able to say you can use a cutthroat razor or a double edged safety razor, and not end up in a bloodbath, is completely awesome.

It’s incredibly relaxing

The routine of lathering up in the morning and doing things the traditional way is incredibly relaxing. We think it’s even more relaxing if you give yourself a break every now and then and pop by your local barbers for a wet shave. A hot towel and then a professional wet shave is the perfect, chilled start to the day.

It’s the best and closest shave you can get

There’s a lot of debate on the subject of what gives the best shave, but we firmly believe that a traditional wet shave is the best a man can get. Disposable razors were brought out as a safer alternative to traditional shaving tools and they probably are safer if you aren’t a confident shaver. However, they don’t give a better shave and there’s nothing to suggest that multi-blade razors are any better than a single blade shave.

Traditional wet shave vs. disposable razors

We’ve given our views on the great debate, but what do you think? Are you an old school gent, or are you still in the disposable razor camp?