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Let’s face it, things are about to get pretty cold out there. Winter is coming, and the big chill not only affects your skin, it also causes problems for your hair. We’ve put together some top tips to help you avoid common problems you and your hair might come up against this winter and share some haircare secrets that will keep your style looking smashing all winter.

Horror movie hat hair

If you’ve walked outside recently and got earache or a headache from the biting cold wind, you’re probably thinking about reaching for a hat to cover up. Unfortunately, wearing a hat also comes with the risk of some horrendous hat hair and all of the side effects associated with it. Manmade materials should be avoided as they cause static and are also less breathable than natural fibres. This makes your scalp hot and creates the perfect breeding ground for the fungus that is the main cause of dandruff. To avoid these nasty winter hat hair problems, pick a natural fibre, like wool, when choosing a hat.


Dreadful dry scalp

Skin takes a battering during the winter months. The contrast between cold outside air and warm, dry central heating causes skin to dry out. You probably already moisturise your skin during the winter months, but your scalp is no different. Avoid a flaky scalp by using a moisturising shampoo.

Wet hair is the worst

Your dear old mum wasn’t lying when she warned you not to leave the house with wet hair! This is especially true in cold weather. However, you won’t catch your death of cold, it’s just your look that will take a battering. Blow drying hair before leaving the house will ensure your style stays put and looks better for longer.

Worried about how to care for your hair in winter?

If you’re dreading the havoc winter wreaks on your hair, don’t suffer in silence. Come and see us at Richmond Barbers and we’ll be happy to talk hair care tips with you while we cut your hair just the way you like it. If you enjoyed this article, we’d love it if you shared it, or let us know your thoughts on social media!